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The product works perfectly in a modern style kitchen. It is designed with streamline shape, giving an appeal of freshness and brightness to the kitchen. .
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  • 本安型防爆表面处理组套 A-0057 – All Around with Rough Boy Solution 本安型防爆表面处理组套 A-0057 – All Around with Rough Boy Solution
    All-Around with Rough Boy SolutionThis solution is designed to keep you ahead of the maintenance plan and reduce time spent on demanding risk assessments and all costs related to shutdowns, fireguards, hot work permits, habitats, and demanding cleanup work. All Around with Rough Boy Solution contains everything you will ever need for mechanical pre-treatment. The solution contains all of our air tools, rotating grinding files, and paint removal disc.The air tools, grinding files, and grinding disc are Ex-certified as safe to use in ATEX gas zones 1 and 2↵ and ATEX dust zones 21 and 22.使用 Rough Boy 解决方案的全方位解决方案这个解决方案旨在让你保持在维护计划的前面,并且减少花费在高要求的风险评估上的时间,以及所有与关闭、防火墙、高温作业许可证、栖息地和高要求的清理工作相关的费用。粗暴男孩解决方案包含所有你将永远需要的机械预处理。该解决方案包含我们所有的空气工具,旋转磨削文件,和油漆去除圆盘。气动工具、研磨锉和研磨盘均经过认证,可在 ATEX 气体区1和2以及 ATEX 粉尘区21和22安全使用。
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