Best  XYZ 3 axis CNC gantry robot Truss manipulator

Best XYZ 3 axis CNC gantry robot Truss manipulator

Haotian Robot Best Truss manipulator Factory Price - Haotian Robot,Experienced enginners are available to service you.

The truss manipulator can be freely equipped with the linear module robot developed by the company itself This system is esp suitable for the production line where rapid movement is required, and the clamping weight can also be designed.
It is suitable for flexible operation of multiple varieties and batch, which plays a very important role in stabilizing, improving pn quality, increasing labor productivity, improving working conditions and rapidly replacing products.

Product features:
1.Capable of carrying heavy loads
2.System stability,significantly improve work efficiency.
3.The system is high and widely applicable.

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Telephone: 15202255004
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This product has attracted a lot of attention and will be used more by people in various fields.


1.May I visit your factory?
Sure, welcome any time. We can also pick you up at airport and station.
2.What's your  main products?
Linear stage linear module linear slide linear robot  linear motion  linear unit  linear axis linear robot, etc.
3.Quality control?
We have QC department to control quality for each step. We have ISO9001:2015 and CE certification


1.Experienced enginners are available to service you.
2.Our factory is located in Tianjin near Tianjin port and 70km to Beijing airport.
3.Fast respond and good service before and after sales.
4.Fast reply and 24 hours techincal support online

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Haotian Robot is headquartered on the coast of the Bohai Sea, Tianjin, the economic center of northern China. The company is focused on the R&D. manufacturing, sales and application services of industrial robot products. It has been working hard for more than ten years. It has a professional teams composed of a group of experienced engineering and technical personnel in the mechanical transmission and automation control industry. Committed to providing customers with high-quality products and integrated production solutions. The company has 15 thousand square meters of R & D, production, warehousing and logistics centers, sales and ne company's main products include: linear module(linear stage) linear slides, linear motors (rectangular robots)truss manipulators. Our Products are widely used in semi-conductor, new energy, biological instruments, optical industry, automobile industry, e-commerce logistics and other industries. Especially in precision positioning, dispensing, coating workpiece clamping, handling, positioning, assembly visual and radiographic inspection, LCD, PCB LED, XYZ axis movement inside mechanical equipment sheet metal cutting equipment welding equipment, CNC equipment.

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