1, Standard products,we have more than 50 types standard products you can tell us your stroke speed precision

2. Customized: we can adjust as our customer requirments on standard products. As your different stroke speed and load, we can chose our products and assembly.

3, Warranty: we provide lifetime parts warranty and engineers guide online 

  • China BRTIRUS2550A manufacturers - Haotian Robot
    China BRTIRUS2550A manufacturers - Haotian Robot

    1,  Indutrial robot

    BRTIRUS2550A 6-DOF Industrial robot is a general-purpose robot. The robot has a compact shape and structure. Each joint is equipped with a high-precision reducer. The high-speed joint speed can carry out flexible operations, handling, stacking, assembly, injection molding and other operations. It has a flexible installation mode.

    2,  Application occasion

    (1) Material handling and stacking

    (2) Packaging and assembly

    (3) Grinding and polishing

    (4) Laser welding

    (5) Spot welding

    (6) Injection molding

    (7) Cutting / deburring


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