electric telescopic actuators high-speed electric linear actuator Products | Haotian Robot

electric telescopic actuators high-speed electric linear actuator Products | Haotian Robot

Due to the short integral length, the reciprocating electric cylinder is suitablefor the occasions where the installation position is relatively small. At the same time
 this scheme adopts the synchronous belt and
gear box, which has the characteristics of high strength, small clearance and long service
life, so that the whole electric cylinder has
high control precision. Servo motor and electric cylinder with a flexible, easy to  install
easy to set, easy to use.This series of electric cylinder integrated AC servo motor, servo drive, high precision ball screw and modular design technology. The electric cylinder has the features of compact structure, small inertia, low noise and long life, etc. Servo motor is connected directly with the transmission screw of the electric cylinder, which allows the encoder of the servo motor to give direct feedback on the displacement quantity of the moving piston of the electric cylinder and reduces the gap of the inertia of the intermediate links, and improves the control and its precision.

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Electric cylinder transforms forward and backward rotation motion of motor into reciprocating linear motion by the movement of lead screw and auxiliary screw. With the colosed-loop control characteristics of servo motor, it is very convenient to achieve the precise control of thrust, velocity and position; and with modern motion control technology, numerical control technology and BUS control technology, it is possible to realize program control and BUS control. Due to the convenience of the control and usage of electric cylinder, it could realize the precision motion control which could not be realized by air cylinder and hydraulic cylinder

 electric telescopic actuators high-speed electric linear actuator Products | Haotian Robot    

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    Industrial Robots
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    linear guides,linear actuator,linear stage,ball screw,linear module,linear slide
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Haotian Robot is headquartered on the coast of the Bohai Sea, Tianjin, the economic center of northern China. The company is focused on the R&D. manufacturing, sales and application services of industrial robot products. It has been working hard for more than ten years. It has a professional teams composed of a group of experienced engineering and technical personnel in the mechanical transmission and automation control industry. Committed to providing customers with high-quality products and integrated production solutions. The company has 15 thousand square meters of R & D, production, warehousing and logistics centers, sales and ne company's main products include: linear module(linear stage) linear slides, linear motors (rectangular robots)truss manipulators.

Our Products are widely used in semi-conductor, new energy, biological instruments, optical industry, automobile industry, e-commerce logistics and other industries. Especially in precision positioning, dispensing, coating workpiece clamping, handling, positioning, assembly visual and radiographic inspection, LCD, PCB LED, XYZ axis movement inside mechanical equipment sheet metal cutting equipment welding equipment, CNC equipment.
electric linear actuator Products electric telescopic actuators high-speed electric linear actuator
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