Low cost 3 axis automatic  the linear gantry loading stacking robot guideway system heavy duty price

Low cost 3 axis automatic the linear gantry loading stacking robot guideway system heavy duty price

Product Overview

Our mian products includes Linear sliding table,mechanical arm,precision platform, grantry robot arm and automatic transmission componebts.Our products have been widely used in electronics,laser processing,welding industry, LCD, LED, PCD, Car, photoeletric, Semiconductor industries, especially have advantsges in precision positioning, dispensing, workpiece clamping, handling, positioning and assembly, visual and radiographic testing,XYZ axis movement in mechanical equipment, metal sheet cutting equipment,welding, automatic up-down material for CNC equipment Ect.

The gantry manipulator is an automated industrial system, which can also be called a Cartesian robot or a linear robot. The gantry manipulator typically moves along a linear path, creating a three-dimensional cubic space in which it can work.

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Features at a glance

Product working principle:

The working principle of 220V servo motor is a feedback control system based on torque control and speed control. Specifically, the servo driver calculates the torque and speed required by the motor based on the difference between the command signal and feedback signal, and achieves precise control by adjusting the voltage and current of the motor.

Product advantages:

220V servo motor has advantages such as high accuracy, fast response, low inertia, and high efficiency. In addition, its servo system can quickly locate and track targets, improving production efficiency and product quality.

Usage scenario:

220V servo motors are widely used in industrial fields such as factory automation, logistics transportation, textile, printing, packaging, as well as high-precision control fields such as robots and medical devices.

In short, 220V servo motor is a high-precision position control device with broad application prospects and advantages.

Product details

  • Q: What's your main products?
    A: Cold rolled ball screws, ball screw support units, Linear guide rails, Linear motion ball slide bearing, Cylinder rails, Linear shaft, Couplings, etc. linear slide tables
  • Q: When can I get the quotation?
    A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price,please call us or tell us in your email so that we will regard your inquiry priority.
  • Q: Can you do ball screw end machine processing?
    A: Yes. We have a professional team having rich experience in end machine processing, Please provide us the drawing with the tolerance, we will help you to make the ball screws depending on the drawing.
  • Q: How can I get a sample to check your quality?
    A: After price confirmation, sample order is available to check our quality.
  • Q: Have items 100% finished in stock?
    A: Most items are all well finished in stock, but some items are newly machined according to your requirements.
  • Q: Can I choose the sizes?
    A: Yes, We have full size available for your to choose.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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